Certified translations
What kind of certification do you need?

Translations can be certified in a number of different ways depending on the purpose of the document.
At Inpokulis Traduções we offer the following kinds of certification:

  • ISO 17100 Quality Certification with a statement issued by Inpokulis Traduções on company letterhead and containing the official details of the quality certification;
  • Professional Certification with a statement issued by Inpokulis Traduções for Portuguese documents to be submitted abroad whenever certification by the embassy or consulate is not a requirement.
  • Certification by a notary in the case of official foreign documents to be submitted in Portugal;
  • Certification by a lawyer or other authorised entity, in cases where certification of the document by a notary is not a requirement;
  • Having an apostille placed on documents issued in Portugal is a simplified way to legalise them and attest to their authenticity in an international context.

The certification of a translation is important insofar as it provides a guarantee that the translation was done by experienced professionals and is true to the original. A poor translation can result in added costs and complicate the process you are dealing with. Take advantage of our experience and ask us to advise you on the handling of the entire process. 

See our Bureau Veritas Certificate number PT003896-1 here.

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