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There are several different kinds of interpreting and you may not be sure which one is right for you. What you can be sure of, however, is that Inpokulis has the answer. We provide simple, effective solutions for a variety of scenarios that call for professional interpreting services and high quality technical equipment.

For conferences with a large audience or meetings where more than two languages are spoken, simultaneous interpreting is the best choice: the audience can follow the speeches in real time without missing any of the content.

Consecutive interpreting is ideal for small meetings where only two languages are spoken. In this type of interpreting, the speaker makes regular pauses for the interpreter to translate what has been said, so more time is needed for the presentation.

For informal or business meetings, visits to company premises and delegations travelling abroad, where only two languages are spoken, the ideal solution is escort interpreting.

On occasions where only one participant needs interpreting, the recommended method is whispered interpreting, which allows the listener to follow the speeches discreetly.

In order for us to be able to properly assess your needs, please provide us with the following information when making your inquiry:

Dates, times and language combinations: This lets us guarantee the availability of the interpreters.

- Venue: This lets us locate the most suitable interpreters in the vicinity of your venue, meaning that associated costs such as travel and accommodation, in the case of longer events, can be kept as low as possible.

- Theme: This lets us select the interpreters with the most suitable training and experience for your particular field.

- The number of participants who need interpreting and the characteristics of the venue: This will help us determine what kind of interpreting service is right for you.



A true interpreter reproduces the speaker’s message faithfully and scrupulously. Our interpreting team consists of qualified professionals with proven experience and total commitment to the responsible fulfilment of their duties.

Interpreting is a demanding task and a series of procedures must be followed if the quality and rigour of the service are to be certified.

Interpreters always work from a foreign language (source language) into their native language (target language). However, some interpreters have such an in-depth command of a given foreign language that they can also consider it to be a target language. In any case, they must be fully conversant in the target language in order to guarantee high standards of professional efficiency. This is why it is essential that you tell us what language combinations you will require during your event.

Although our interpreters have extensive general knowledge, they do need certain information to enable them to prepare their service in advance. This means that they need to be informed beforehand of the timetable for the event, who the speakers will be and what languages they speak. Additionally, any and all documentation which will be used during the presentation should be made available to the interpreters so that they can analyse and familiarise themselves with the relevant vocabulary.

Simultaneous interpreting is done by a team of two interpreters for each target language, who work alternately for periods of 20 to 30 minutes.

Depending on the duration of the event, consecutive, whispered and escort interpreting services may be done by just one interpreter, so these options can be very advantageous from a pricing point of view.

Interpreters are selected on the basis of their proximity to the venue and their experience in the subject matter of the event, thus ensuring the best value for money.

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