The Inpokulis Translations team

Inpokulis Translations is, above all, a large team of translation professionals specialising in strategies for globalisation through language services. 

You can count on us for an all-round service: from content creation in any language to professional translation and even the implementation of multilingual IT solutions, digital marketing, social media, web design and much more. Everything you need to ensure your plan for globalisation is a resounding success.  

Talk to us! We are here to help!

Marta Aragão


CEO at Inpokulis. Always has a clearly-defined route but is sufficiently flexible to steer the rudder in the right direction.

Sónia Costa

SÓNIA COSTA (Translation)

Team Manager at Inpokulis. People person. Always ready to help and an aficionado of the good things in life.

Maria Mendonça

MARIA MENDONÇA (Translation)

Project Manager at Inpokulis. Passionate about languages and cultures, travel, cinema and good music.


Ana Berbec

ANA BERBEC (Translation)

Project Manager at Inpokulis. Citizen of the world, an eternal traveller through cultures and reading, with an open spirit and singing heart.

Isabel Nabais

ISABEL NABAIS (Translation)

Team Manager at Inpokulis. Faithful and meticulous, loves languages and bringing words to life.

Guillaume Barcas


Project Manager at Inpokulis. Organised and methodical, combines words with new technologies.

Pedro A. Godinho

PEDRO A. GODINHO (Marketing)

Marketing Executive at Inpokulis. Social media geek. Addicted to music and good food.