Subtitling involves a number of very specific requirements. Inpokulis offers a quality service in this field, encompassing every kind of audiovisual communication, with a guarantee of total technical rigour.

One of the most frequently used resources for TV and cinema translation, subtitling involves a number of very specific requirements that in turn demand considerable technical knowledge. 

Inpokulis offers the best solutions for this value-added service, with multilingual subtitling for a variety of specialisms, contents, and audiovisual communication platforms.  

One of the requirements to be met consists of the proper marking of the subtitles using specific software, based on a discerning selection of the words to be translated into a new language, while completely maintaining the aim of the original text.

Traditionally used as an alternative to narration or dubbing, subtitling requires knowledge of the spelling rules of each writing system, as well as of word-splitting and punctuation, all of which form part of our company's vast experience in multilingual translation.

This service is the ideal translation option for films, videos, reporting, documentaries and adverts, in addition to other kinds of communication.

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