This complementary service offered by our company is an important plus for professionals who regularly require specialised support in producing a written version of audio and audiovisual content.

Specialising in various different kinds of translation, Inpokulis also offers a quality transcription service. This technique, which is geared towards producing a written version of audio and audiovisual content, is carried out by highly experienced native-speaker translators, who will ensure the faithful reproduction of the original product.

In order to ensure that this principle is scrupulously adhered to, the transcription of the audio content is initially done in the original language and is then translated into the required language using the written version, thereby guaranteeing that it is reproduced in its entirety. 

Additionally, we also offer a basic transcription service which involves producing only a written version of the audio content without subsequently translating it to another language.  

This service is available for a number of technical and professional fields and can be done using a variety of audio and audiovisual supports, such as CDs, cassettes, MP3 and DVD, among others.

As part of our business philosophy, we guarantee confidentiality, speed and accessible rates.

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