Yes, we know: the name is complicated!

The choice of the name INPOKULIS happened in February 1999 and one thing is certain: we did not want our name to start with “trad” or “trans”, making it easy to confuse us with other translation companies. So we hunted through books and encyclopaedias and dictionaries – yes, because we had no internet access back then – and somewhere, on an anonymous page in a Greek dictionary, we came across a word connected to fast decision-making. At that precise moment, setting up the company was urgent; So we changed a few letters around and Inpokulis was born. To be honest, even we had trouble getting our heads (and tongues) around it to begin with; but we soon realised that our name made us stand out, mainly because it gave rise to an array of amusing variations. INPO…what?

We have heard all sorts of different versions of our name. But one thing is certain: while people think it’s odd to begin with they very quickly embrace it!

Inpocookies, Inpolukis, Inporkulis, Inkopulis, Inpokuluis, Inpolkulis, Inpokunis, Inkokulis, Inpokulls, Inpokules, Imopokulis, Impokulis, Inopukilus, Inpokilos

And these are just a few examples that have cropped up over the years! Do you have any other suggestions? Share them with us.


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