Multilingual SEO

Is your website likely to be found by international search engines?

On the one hand, an experienced translation team with an in-depth knowledge of various languages and cultures; and on the other, a young team with a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing, SEO and social media: a combination that has allowed us to revolutionise the way we render our services and provide added value for our customers.

Our translation services can now be complemented by digital marketing techniques that will make it easier for international search engines to find your website.

Are you familiar with the advantages of Multilingual SEO?

  • Positioning in Portuguese and international search engines;
  • Easy access to your website’s pages;
  • Increase traffic to your website;
  • Adaptation of meta titles, meta tags and meta keywords in accordance with each target language and culture in order to optimise results.
  • Optimisation and translation of your website’s URLs in order to improve performance