Types of interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

For conferences with a large audience or meetings where more than two languages are spoken, simultaneous interpreting is the best choice: the audience can follow the speeches in real time without missing any of the content.

Simultaneous interpreting is done by a team of two interpreters for each target language, who work alternately for periods of 20 to 30 minutes.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is ideal for small meetings where only two languages are spoken. In this type of interpreting, the speaker makes regular pauses for the interpreter to translate what has been said, so more time is needed for the presentation.

Depending on the duration of the event, consecutive, whispered and escort interpreting services may be done by just one interpreter, so these options can be very advantageous from a pricing point of view.

Escort Interpreting

For informal or business meetings, visits to company premises and delegations travelling abroad, where only two languages are spoken, the ideal solution is escort interpreting.

Whispered Interpreting

On occasions where only one participant needs interpreting, the recommended method is whispered interpreting, which allows the listener to follow the speeches discreetly.

For an interpreting service you need:


Our interpreting team consists of qualified professionals with proven experience and total commitment to the responsible fulfilment of their duties: faithfully transmitting messages between two languages.

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Technical Equipment for Interpreting

To avoid additional costs and fully achieve your goals, choose the most appropriate equipment for your required interpreting service.

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Additional information

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