Other Services


Subtitling involves a number of very specific skills that require considerable technical knowledge in order to ensure that the subtitles are shown at the correct moment. Additionally, the content will often need not only to be translated but also adapted to the target language and culture.

One of the requirements met by Inpokulis is the proper marking of the subtitles using specific software, based on a discerning selection of the words to be translated into a new language, without distorting the meaning of the original text. The timings and the size of each translated sentence are also carefully calculated.

Subtitling is the ideal translation option for films, videos, reporting, documentaries and adverts, in addition to other kinds of communication.


This complementary service offered by our company is an important plus for professionals who regularly require specialised support in producing a written version of audio and audiovisual content.

Videos of any kind, including institutional, advertising and documentaries, need to be transcribed before they can be translated to ensure that no content is missed.

If you have an audio recording of an interview and need it to be accurately transcribed, get in touch with us! Whatever the topic, Inpokulis has the solution you need.


At Inpokulis, we help eliminate linguistic and cultural barriers, promoting communication that transmits ideas and messages beyond borders clearly, objectively and simply.

Transcreation – creative translation carried out by translators who are specialised in a variety of languages and professional fields – allows you to adapt your project to different cultures, ensuring that your business proposals will be understood perfectly.

Some keywords or a simple description are all we need to present you with the most appropriate solution so that your project will be fully understood and accepted, while respecting the customs, social principles and ethics that differ from region to region across the globe.

Support for Company Internationalisation

We support our customers in their globalisation processes by translating e-mails, international phone calls, researching and prospecting contacts abroad, and specific documentation for imports, exports, labels and packaging.

Our aim is to be your company’s international right-hand man, hovering (almost out of sight) on the sidelines but efficient (producing results), organising ideas and taking them to other countries.

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