Translation of WordPress websites using WPML

Translating websites created with WordPress is not child’s play. This is why we adopted WPML, the most complete and reliable tool to translate web content and create multilingual websites in WordPress.

WPML is a multilingual plugin, currently used on more than 600,000 sites, that allows streamlining the translation of WordPress pages, posts, tags, categories and themes.

WPML and Inpokulis: an integration made in heaven

  • Inpokulis is a WPML official partner, having integrated its translation services with the powerful features of WPML, a complete localisation plugin for WordPress websites developed by OntheGoSystems.Thanks to the integration between Inpokulis and WPML, our clients can obtain numerous benefits:
    • translate website content without worrying about technical aspects
    • easily send pages to translate to Inpokulis to receive a quote
    • translate all website text content, including plugin, theme and interface strings (e.g. menus)
    • access high-level technical support reserved to WPML partners, such as Inpokulis Traduções, Lda.
    • translate content updates when they are published
Do you want to know how much it will cost to translate your WordPress website with us?

Take advantage of the website word count tool in WPML. Get the word count and then contact us to give you an exat quote for translating your website.

Using WPML with Inpokulis is child’s play

How do you connect to Inpokulis to translate a website?

It’s easy! Just follow the instructions in the Getting-started Guide, that will help you to:

  • choose the required WPML modules
  • install the plugin
  • request your API Token to connect your website with Inpokulis
  • send the content to Inpokulis to obtain a quote
  • translate desired content
  • complete the translation of interface strings

Once WPML has been installed, in order to access Inpokulis web translation services, you will need to request an authentication key (API Token) from our company. Use the form below to obtain the key:

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