Revision & DTP

Are you looking for a Revision & DTP service?

Although there are plenty of technological tools to assist with translation, it still remains an essentially human process. So it is important to bear in mind that there is no such thing as an infallible human process; everything depends on the translator’s skill, cultural background and frame of mind at the time the translation is actually being done.

For this reason, revision by a second translator is fundamental in order to guarantee the impeccable quality of the translation and correct any spelling mistakes or misinterpretations of the original text.

As well as ordering a certified translation (which includes translation and revision), you can also ask just for the revision of an already-translated text, subject to Inpokulis validating it as a genuine translation.

We offer four types of revision:

  • Linguistic revision: this involves checking for spelling mistakes, misinterpretations and improvement of the translated text.
  • Revision by a specialist: for this type of revision, a reviser with experience in the subject matter of the text will check the terminology used in the translation.
  • Layout proofreading (with DTP): Revision of the translation, with the insertion of hyphens directly on the graphic support prior to printing.
  • Online revision: Revision of the translation directly on the online support prior to publication.
  • Final consistency check: A final check to ensure the consistency of the terminology.

What are the benefits of a DTP service?

Our DTP (electronic publishing) service is important to guarantee the graphic quality and original layout of your documents.

The aim of this service is to ensure that all your content (regardless of the digital format in which it is delivered) is edited and published using the right software to preserve the specificities of the target languages and countries.

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