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What makes us different? The friendliness and availability of each member of our team.

We are a team of native-speaker translators with experience of translating in a wide range of specialist fields, from highly complex texts to posts for social media.

We offer different levels of service depending on the standards required by each individual customer. For example, a post for social media or a text to be published on a website could be translated by a single translator, whereas a more complex legal contract or content for a marketing campaign would require the intervention of more than one professional in order to guarantee the precision required in such cases.  We therefore recommend our translation service that is certified under the ISO 17100:2015 international standard.

What type of certification should you choose?

Translations can be certified in a number of different ways depending on the purpose of the document.

At Inpokulis Traduções we offer the following kinds of certification:

  • ISO 17100:2015 Quality Certification with a statement issued by Inpokulis on company letterhead and containing the official details of the quality certification
  • Certification by a notary in the case of official foreign documents to be submitted in Portugal;
  • Certification by a lawyer or other authorised entity, in cases where certification of the document by a notary is not a requirement;

Simple translation or ISO quality?

Examples of simple translations

  • Online content
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Internal documents

Examples of translations with ISO quality

  • Official documents
  • Contracts& Legal texts
  • Printed publications (magazines, guide books, etc.)
  • Advertising materials
  • Technical documentation


The first step is sending us your files for translation. This lets our team analyse your needs and help you to choose the best solution for your translation. They will also inform you of the price and the delivery deadlines.

We are specialists in Portuguese but we can translate into and from any language through our international network of translators, revisers and linguists.

We have in-house resources and experienced translators who are able to respond rapidly to requests for translation from and into English, French, Spanish and German.

We work with native-speaker translators with proven experience in their specialist fields.

As required by our certification under ISO 17100, the international standard which regulates quality in the provision of translation services, our professional translators meet the following requisites:

  • Officially recognised diploma in translation from a higher education establishment;
  • Equivalent qualification in another area plus a minimum of two years’ proven experience in translating;
  • A minimum of five years’ proven experience as a full-time professional translator.

If your business needs technical and specialised documents to be translated with absolute precision, certified translations are the most appropriate to meet your requirements.

Revision by a second translator and a specialist who is a native speaker of the target language ensures greater precision in technical translations, affording an excellent opportunity to enhance the presentation quality of your project. This service gives you a complete guarantee of a quality translation, which will subsequently be revised by a second translator in fulfilment of ISO 17100 requirements.

Simpler translations for less exacting purposes can be done without revision. This option offers excellent value for money and fast delivery, since the intervention of a second translator to revise the text is not required. Even though this type of service does not include revision, we still guarantee that a final check will be carried out on your translation prior to delivery.

However, if you change your mind, you can always request an additional revision… after all, two pairs of trained eyes always see better than one!

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