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Specialised translations for the Health & Wellness sector

As specialists in translation for the health, medical and wellness sectors, Inpokulis works with experienced translators in these fields who are able to translate a range of documents including medical reports and lab test results. This means that no important information will be lost because of language barriers.
Since terminology is vital in this type of translation, we ensure terminology consistency by using translation memories. This allows us to optimise not only the translation process itself but also the costs, since we are able to reuse previous translations.

We are specialists in:

  • Medical reports
  • Drug information leaflets
  • International forms
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical legislation
  • Social security legislation
  • Information leaflets
  • Medical questionnaires and surveys
  • Reports
  • Training materials
  • Labels and packaging
  • Specialist journals
  • Support for appointments

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Specialised translations for the Health & Wellness sector