Technical Equipment for Interpreting

The success of your event depends on efficient organisation. To avoid additional costs and fully achieve your goals, choose the most appropriate equipment for your required interpreting service.

Sound equipment is essential for events requiring simultaneous interpreting. In order to avoid additional costs, check the characteristics of the event venue, so that we can determine the nature and quantity of technical material needed for the required service.

Depending on the material already available at the venue, for simultaneous interpreting you will need one or more soundproofed booths for a minimum of two interpreters, space for the booths to be mounted, and conditions for the interpreters to be able to see the rostrum, participants and projection screens from inside the booth. The booths are usually placed at the back of the room, away from the entrance and sources of noise.

This service additionally requires a console, microphones for the speakers and interpreters, a soundboard operated by a dedicated interpreting technician, earphones for the interpreters and transmitters for the audience.

Consecutive interpreting offers the advantage of needing only basic sound equipment, such as microphones and speakers. Whereas the other varieties – whispered and escort interpreting – require no equipment at all.