What does an advertising copywriter do?

Copywriting is the practice of writing content for marketing and promotional materials, including websites, brochures, and blogs. A copywriter is generally well-versed in SEO optimisation – optimising content so that it improves its rankings by search engines – as well as conversion copywriting – using the right words to get a potential customer to click on that “buy” button. 

An advertising copywriter, however, specialises in ad content for Google AdWords campaigns and social media ads, researching, producing, and optimising content so that it lands just right.


What is content optimisation for Ads?

Optimising ad content comes down to a couple of factors. One is the rules, guidelines and best practices imposed by whichever platform will be running your ads – whether that’s Google, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform. These guidelines may vary over platforms and over time, so it’s crucial to have a specialist well-versed in how it’s done to guide you on your way. 

The second is your keywords, which can’t just be translated. They need to be researched from scratch to ensure you’re targeting the right populations in your target market – to ensure you’re being found. 


Should I be posting advertising content on social media?

In many cases, yes! Social media is where so many people spend so much of their time, so it only makes sense to try to get their attention where you know you’ll find them. 

Advertising on social media is a smart part of any digital marketing strategy, a powerful tool when growing a business of any size, helping you obtain leads, expand reach, and boost opportunities. Only, however, when the content used is optimised to do just that.