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Always up to date with the latest market trends and technologies, we keep our ears constantly to the ground, ready to mould whatever you may need to the culture you’re targeting without skipping a beat. From knowing the right features to the best colours and even approaches, we’re specialists in localising apps and games and are ready to guide you on your way to success.

What is localisation?

When you dive into the world of translation, you start to realise that it comes in many shapes and sizes to fit all sorts of requirements. Simple translations don’t stray far from the original. Transcreations use the source text as a springboard to create something with the same core meaning. Then you have localisation, which goes back to the drawing board to recreate the same idea, but with the “look and feel” of a particular language and culture. Names are changed in video game localisation, core values adapted in website localisation, and ideas reframed in app localisation so that they speak to the inner core of their audience, allowing them to lose themselves in your website, game or app and connect with it on the deepest level possible.


Localisation services, in essence, give digital products that all-important key to their success: familiarity.


We translate and localise:
✓ Interfaces
✓ Websites
✓ Apps
✓ Marketing materials
✓ Game scripts
✓ Graphics
✓ Manuals
✓ Voice overs

Website localisation is nothing more, nothing less than an absolute must if you want to successfully compete in global markets. The overall vision of what you’re producing, from the layout to colours and even the formality of the text gives you an edge – one that’s vital to striking a chord with the new market you’re targeting. 

Whether you’re a multinational success story or a solopreneur branching into the unknown, we can meet you where you’re at and take you where you want to go. With us, one smooth trip means no hiccups, bumps or faux pas in sight.

The gaming industry is growing considerably fast.


It’s no secret that the gaming industry has gone mainstream, and that it’s staying that way. Ever more realistic, taking us from standers-by into (now almost literally!) the heat of the action, it sure has come a long way, but one thing’s stayed consistent: the need for localisation. 


While the first gamers around loved the challenge of navigating Japanese norms, nowadays, people want something designed for them. They want ease, to be sucked in completely, and to be able to focus on the game at hand without having to work through another culture to get there. 


That’s where localisation services come in: making the foreign local, the unknown familiar, and a game feel like it was crafted with each culture in mind.

Extend the reach of your app by transferring it into different cultures.  By making it available worldwide, sure, but then by tailoring it to new audiences. Does that colour resonate with that culture? Does that animal make sense as a mascot? Will a game make sense to people that think differently? And do measures and references need to be tweaked so that they resonate? 


The only people who can answer these questions are localisation experts, each specialising in their own market, working together to take you global.

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The first step to getting the services you need is only a couple of clicks away.

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