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Trust an ISO 17100 certified translation company to supply you with any official translations you may need

As an ISO 17100:2015 certified translation company, we’re able to supply any variety of certifications from official document or notarised translations to a notarial certificate or even an apostille. Inpokulis is proud to have been the first translation company in Portugal to obtain this certification and our compliance with the standard is verified annually during an independent audit carried out by Bureau Veritas.

Our vast network of translators ensures we can translate official documents into any language.

We are a certified translation company under International Standard ISO 17100:2015, which attests to the credibility of our work.


The standards required for the translation of official documents vary from country to country, so it is vital to know the purpose of your translation and the entity for whom it is intended.


Whether you need a notarised translation for your Portuguese nationality application, an apostille translation to work abroad, or any certified translation to buy a house, get a mortgage or complete any other paperwork, we are the certified translation company for you.

Types of legal documents


We offer fast and accurate document translation services, whether you’re a law firm, organisation or individual looking to translate your documentation.


✓ Birth, marriage and death certificates

✓ Tax returns

✓ Bank statements

✓ Contracts

✓ Powers of attorney

✓ Permanent certificates

✓ Wills and testaments

✓ Academic certificates, diplomas and transcripts

✓ Applications for Portuguese Citizenship



The Expert Legal team

The Expert Legal team is made of professional legal translators with proven experience and qualifications, including former lawyers and solicitors, with a minimum of 5 years’ professional experience translating exclusively into their mother tongue.

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The first step to getting the services you need is only a couple of clicks away.

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