How much does Document Translation Cost?

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As with any service you’re seeking to hire, gauging the costs and what you’ll get for your money is essential. Certified translation is no different, and whether you need a single birth certificate or entire case file translated, we ensure we pinpoint exactly what you need to let you know precisely what you’re getting and how much it’ll cost you. The good news? Once you get in touch, we’ll be able to give you a fixed quote to meet your needs. The bad news? As every job is different, we can’t let you know how much it will be until you tell us what you need. 


Have a quick look at our processes and how our prices are calculated, but make sure you read to the end of this article to find out more about how we reduce costs while maintaining the highest quality standards. Ready to get started?



Step One – Get in touch


We need to know the types of documents and volume of text you need translated to draw up your quote. Send them over to us by email or via the form on our website, and we’ll get right to work establishing precisely what your requirements are. Once we’ve determined what you need, we apply our entirely transparent pricing structure.



Step Two – Get your quote


No two jobs are alike, which is why you’ll receive a detailed, personalised quote that won’t change. We never add hidden fees or costs that you only become aware of upon delivery, which means you know what you’re working with from the offset.



Step Three – Send your Confirmation


Once you’ve had time to look over your quote and iron out the details, let us know you’re good to go, and we’ll get started right away. We’re always itching to get started on a new job, but you’ll never be under any pressure to agree to something you’re not 100% comfortable with. 



Step Four – Delivery


When you get your professional document translation back, you know you’ll be getting:


  • A document to meet your exact needs, whether it needs a notarial certificate, apostille certificate, to be certified or otherwise.
  • The product of a well-oiled machine operated by our team of dedicated, qualified project managers with years of experience
  • The expertise of strictly selected translators and proofreaders who have a degree in translation or a minimum of five years of translation experience
  • A document that fits the domain of the subject area in question, including formatting, terminology and norms.



Reducing the Cost of a Translation


When we talk about a transparent pricing structure, we really do mean we tell you exactly how your quote is calculated, including how we reduce the cost where possible while keeping to ISO 17100:2015 quality standards at every stage. Interested in finding out more? Keep reading. 



CAT Tools


If you’re not a linguist, CAT tools may be completely foreign to you, but even without you knowing it, they’re working behind the scenes to ensure the quality of your translations and cut costs. Sure, they make our jobs a lot easier, but the person who benefits at the end of the day is you. How? Because they ensure consistency and calculate repetitions. Repetitions? Strings of words that are repeated throughout the document. 


When we run your document through our CAT tool of choice, it tells us how many of the words are repeated and ensures we don’t count them twice in our quote. Picture a technical text and how many times a sentence or instruction might crop up. You’ll only be paying for us to translate it once because, after all, once is all it needs.  



Translation Memories


Taking the idea of repetitions to a whole new dimension, translation memories (TMs) serve to find repetitions across documents by storing parallel files that contain the original text and its translation. Then, when a new document is run alongside it, similar sentences are lined up with pre-existing translations. If we’re not translating a sentence from scratch, it doesn’t feel right to charge you as if we were, so we knock percentages off the end price you’ll be paying depending on the number of hits between the new document and TM (and accuracy of the pre-existing translations). We tend to build up TMs by client, so the more files you send us, the higher the likelihood of repetitions cropping up across what we’re translating, which means lower prices for you and that consistency is maintained across everything we produce for you. 


The perk of having operated in the translation market for over 20 years is that we’ve had time to explore the best options to suit both you and us, while always keeping to key quality standards like the ISO 17100:2015. Want to find out how much your translation project is going to cost? There’s no time like the present. Get in touch!