How much will your Machine Translation Post-Editing project cost?

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Machine translation post-editing is a pretty vague service, so we’ll have to narrow it down to give you an idea of prices. Vague? Yes, because when it comes to proofreading, or editing, the output of a machine translation, there are countless ways to go about it and varying qualities of final product. As you can imagine, this all affects how much it’ll cost – we’ll take you through the possible levels.


Standardised Pricing


Sometimes, you just need to know how much something will cost before you consider it, which is why we provide a standardised pricing option. Whether we calculate it per word or per hour of revision and editing time (with a pretty accurate estimate generated before we start), there are certainly ways of knowing how much the service will cost from the offset. 


When we get started, we’ll need to know your end goal – do you need light or full post editing to meet your needs? And then we can decide on a fair price. 



Variable pricing depending on Quality


The other pricing method? It’ll vary depending on precisely what you want. Concerned about paying a set fee without having an expert weigh-in on the amount of work it would actually be? We’re more than happy to get a linguist to evaluate the MT output and suggest a fair price for your specific project. Or feel more comfortable getting an automatic evaluation of the machine translation produced, which assesses its quality, using AI to give it an objective score? It’s certainly an option.  


Or the final, simplest option? Paying per hour for the time spent on proofreading services, ensuring you’re paying for no more or less than the actual professional editing work conducted. 


As a language service provider that’s been in the market since before machine translators were available, we’ve seen it all and are more than happy to accommodate your copy editing needs. All you have to do is get in touch to work out what they are!