How Multilingual DTP can save you time

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

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How Multilingual DTP can save you time


Desktop publishing is an artform – one we often compare to landscaping (though not usually out loud). When you think about the two, they have a huge amount in common. There’s the big picture, the overall look and feel of the place as you wander through, light filtering through the leaves here, sweet flower scents mingling in the air there. Then there are the individual flowerbeds, the flowers carefully chosen for each one, the blend of colours, the careful thought behind root patterns and water needs.


It’s the same thought that goes into desktop publishing. The programming, the style, the content, the feel. That final, polished product that can be appreciated as a whole by just about anyone who comes across it. 



The secret behind the two? Planning. 


That careful, seemingly effortless planning that goes into a garden is mirrored when our design team sets to work on a new design. They know the ins and outs of the process, the programming, the norms, and the requirements, but you wouldn’t think it was technical work when you see them at it. Instead, it’s a flow of creativity, a flurry of activity and input, all pushing towards the same final goal. We say “our team”, but we really mean our sister company, Descomunal’s, team. If we’re honest, though, when it comes down to it, we do think of them as ours too, as the work we do together, swapping services and sharing expertise, is what takes it to that whole other level. 


Now, the next part’s where the Inpokulis team comes in.



Multilingual DTP


Our design team has put the garden together and it’s beautiful, but now the season’s changing. The flowers still look lovely (for now) and the overall landscaping is a keeper, but the flowerbeds need to be swapped out for new ones that will keep the garden fresh with the changing weather.


If you’re keeping up with the metaphor, you’ll know we’re talking translation dtp. You want that same design, but in a different language. 


And here’s where the gardening/desktop publishing comparison ends because you don’t need to put in the man-hours to dig up all the flowers and replace every single one. Instead, by having our project managers and translation team work alongside our designers, we’re able to cut out the repetitive tasks and skip straight to the final, translated product. 


As a DTP agency, we have the know-how and software to input translations automatically to designs, and just think how much time that simple action could save you if you need your products in several languages. 


Ready to save some time and a huge amount of effort? Our Multilingual DTP services may be exactly what you need.