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Content marketing is a buzzword you may have heard thrown around in recent years, along with UX (user experience), SEO content, user interface, and a whole range of others. Whether these terms sound familiar or like technical jargon that make you want to run a mile, the truth is they’re key to your marketing plan. Especially where your online presence is concerned. So it may be time to ensure your business is using them to their highest potential. Who are your potential clients – those people who will benefit. Deciding who you’re speaking to and how you want to do it is the perfect starting point, but you need to look at the big picture. After your audience and tone of voice, comes deciding on what you want to say.

What is Content Marketing?

A great place to start, content marketing is a key part of any marketing strategy nowadays. Focussing on producing useful, powerful content that genuinely interests your target audience, opting for a content-driven method means actively communicating with the people you want to appeal to – answering their questions and touching on their pain points before they’ve even got in touch with you. It’s how you convince them to choose you over other options and where you can let your values shine through. It’s the key to creating a human connection beyond the business that gets anyone who comes across it invested. So, where do you start?

Content Marketing: Starting out

The first and most important thing you need to do is think about your target audience. Who are your potential clients – those people you will benefit from your product or service? Then think about how you want to speak to them. How formal or informal do you want to be? Do you want to speak from a particular angle or capture a certain voice?

Making your Marketing Consistent

Deciding who you’re speaking to and how you want to do it is the perfect starting point, but you need to go big picture. Think about how the voice you’ve decided on works with your website design, what it will mean for the pages you need and how your social media will be structured in line with it. Everything needs to be consistent to build your brand, so whether that’s your copy and design, or your content across platforms, you’ve got to ensure it lines up. The beauty of any marketing strategy is that once you have one, you have a solid plan – a multichannel, multileveled guide for everything you’ll do from here on out – and the happier you are with it from the outset, the more easily your marketing will flow out of you and into the world.

Content Marketing Tips and Tricks

After your audience and tone of voice come deciding on what you want to say. This may be the trickiest step of all, which is why many companies hire a content strategy agency to help them out. Whichever path you choose, there are some tips and tricks you just won’t want to miss. Here are our top two:

SEO Copywriting: Making sure you’re being found

Any copywriting campaign needs to involve an SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy. This is the step that helps you get ranked on search engines like Google or Yahoo. By finding out which words your potential customers are searching for and using those words in your content, SEO makes you easier to find, which means more people will be clicking on your website.

Conversion Copywriting: Making sure people are clicking “buy now.”

However, getting people to your website is only the first step, so how do you make sure they’re actually getting in touch with you? By pushing for conversions through your copy, which is an entirely different art-form involving calls to action, perfectly positioned text and data-driven research to turn your potential clients into sales.

Though it could seem straightforward from the outset, the world of content marketing has hidden depths able to bring a whole range of benefits if used correctly. If you’re ready to dive in, get in touch for us to explore them together.