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What is Machine Translation Post-Editing or MTPE?

Let’s compare machine translation post-editing to buying an electric bike. It’s more or less similar to a pushbike but uses technology to get you where you want to go, and faster. The downside? Depending on how you use it, it’s not as good as a workout.


Picture our MPTE services as if they were different assist levels on an electric bike. You can let the bike do almost all the work, but you won’t get there as fast or get any fitter; you can pedal hard and travel fast thanks to the extra power the bike gives you; or go for something between the two. And that’s the key here – finding out what you want and need to scale out tools to your requirements and expectations.


The hybrid technique combines the benefits of machine translation (productivity, speed, and cost-effectiveness) with the advantages of human talent and knowledge.


We understand that many businesses prefer machine translation. However, in the majority of situations, the result sounds robotic and unnatural. Although machine translation can translate words, it cannot comprehend meaning, which jeopardizes your communication and brand voice. That’s why we give extra care to an MTPE translation step.


At Inpokulis we understand the importance of high-quality translations. That is why we provide machine translation quality evaluation services, particularly for content that is highly complex and sensitive, such as legal and business translation services, or that requires a great deal of creativity and is intended to be adapted for international markets, such as marketing materials. We ensure that your material is factual, reads naturally, and conveys meaning, subtlety, and tone of voice, tailoring your messages to your target audience.

Light post-editing solves the very minimum of post editing requirements because machine translation skills are always increasing. Editors fine-tune the machine’s output for semantic or spelling problems, as well as any misunderstanding or erroneous information, in this type of MTPE translation. Light MTPE translation is less expensive since it has the lowest machine translation post editing rates and is better suited to projects with less severe quality issues.


Machine translation post-editing services are is better suited to projects with less severe quality issues.

This type of machine translation post editing translation focuses on the application of aesthetic and structural alterations, as well as the production of translations of equivalent quality to human translation. Although comprehensive post editing is more costly and time-demanding as it requires more time and has higher machine translation post editing rates, it includes everything from grammatical and spelling adjustments to writing style and linguistic expressions and allows no opportunity for errors. This sort of MTPE translation is often preferred by quality seekers and perfectionists.

Just before wrapping this up, we want to leave you with a quick word about when not to use post editing of machine translation. While MTPE is suitable for the majority of translations, if the best practice tips above regarding preparing documents and choosing the right MT engine are followed, it may not be best for more creative types of translation – or rather, for transcreation. 


Transcreation is a creative type of translation that marketing translators may use when preparing documents for foreign audiences. Doing so can involve creative design work and a great deal of local adaptation, as well as translation. In these instances, it may be better to avoid using machine translation with a post edit and instead opt for using a marketing translation professional to undertake the entire job. As ever, it will depend on the document in question and the company it’s for.

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