Create multilingual websites with Inpokulis and WPML

Before WPML, translating websites created in WordPress was no easy task. That’s why we’ve adopted the WPML, the most complete and reliable tool to translate web content and create multilingual websites in WordPress.

WPML is a multilingual plugin, used in more than 600 000 sites, which allows to streamline the translation of pages, posts, tags, categories and Themes in WordPress.


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Learn the advantages of translating your WordPress website with WPML:

Translate into more than 40 languages

Compatible with Multilingual CMS and Blog

Submit your website contents and receive translations directly on the website

Compatible with eCommerce Websites

Free translation quote

WPML detects altered sections in translated pages and submits only the new texts for translation

Works on almost all WP themes and Plugins

Learn the advantages of translating your WordPress website with WPML:

Find how much it costs to translate your WordPress website in 2 steps

Use the WPML Word Count tool to get the number of words on your website pages.

And then ask us for a free quote.

How can you choose Inpokulis in WordPress to translate your website?

It’s easy! Just follow the instructions in the User Guide, which will help you to:


Choose the required WPML modules ;

Install the plugin;

Request your API Token to connect your worpress Website to Inpokulis;

Send the content to Inpokulis to get a free quote;

Translate the contents from your website;

Complete the translation of interface strings.


Once you finish installing the WPML plugin on your WordPress website, in order to connect to Inpokulis (as your translation service provider) you will need to request an authentication key (Token API) from us.

See below our step-by-step video and see for yourself how easy it is to translate your website with Inpokulis:

Use the form below to get your API Token: