How remote interpreting can help you in the post-pandemic age

Remote interpreting services

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Interpreters are often seen in films and series standing beside business people as they shake on a deal, but there’s so much more to interpreting services than that, and with the technology available to us nowadays, the possibilities have become endless. 


So, what types of interpreting services are there, and which best fits your needs?



Consecutive Interpreting


Picture yourself at a speech. The speaker is talking fluidly; you’re enjoying their flow, their confidence, how much you can pick up about what they’re saying just from their body language. When it’s over, it’s time for the translation so that you can catch up with the rest of the meaning you might have missed. You glance at the notes made carefully by the interpreter as they get into the flow. They stop for a breather, and you remember the same pause left by the main speaker. Then they carry on, as if they had written the speech themselves, their words carefully chosen to convey precise ideas you know were key to the main speaker’s message.


This is the most common type of interpreting service we provide, as it’s straightforward. Neither you nor the interpreter needs technology, booths, equipment or anything else apart from time. 


Other uses? Formal business meetings or conference calls, where a conversation happens with an interpreter’s help, acting as a bridge between the two parties.



Simultaneous Interpreting 


Picture a UN meeting or EU conference where each participant has a headpiece. They’re all looking at the speaker and seeing the same thing, but each is hearing what they’re saying in their own language almost at the same time. Sci-fi films would have you think conference interpreting is a magical, futuristic invention, but that’s far from the case. 


Magical? Sure, to some extent, but not futuristic and well within reach. In fact, we’re more than happy to give you a peek behind the curtain so that you can see how the “magic” happens. Ready for the big unveil? What you’ll find is an interpreter sitting in a soundproof interpreting booth, being fed what is being said through headphones and immediately reformulating it in another language. It does kind of seem like magic when you’re watching it, but these professionals’ years of practice will assure you their skill comes entirely from endless work and experience—no sorcery in sight. 


Looking for the same service but a little more low-key? Whispered interpreting works in just the same way, but instead of the interpreter being in a box, they’re right by your side.  



Remote Interpreting


If you’d asked us in 2019, we would have told you remote interpreting’s an entirely different service. One that requires webcams, microphones, good connections and practice, but the world has changed, hasn’t it?


Now that everything’s gone digital, remote interpreting has almost become the norm, and you know exactly how a zoom call works, so we won’t bore you with the details. Instead, we’ll just say that while it may not have been easy for our sociable interpreters to give up the person-to-person contact they enjoy so much, they sure have adapted quickly to the “new normal”. Now, whether it’s consecutive or simultaneous interpreting services you need, whether in person or remote, whether online or telephone interpreting, we’ve got you covered.


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