What is the point of a DTP (Desktop Publishing) service?

Desktop publishing services play an important part in ensuring the graphic quality and original layout of your documents. The purpose of the service is to ensure that all of your content, irrespective of the digital format in which it is delivered, is edited using appropriate software in order to preserve the specificities of the target languages and countries. In other words, once the translation, localisation or transcreation task is complete, we will deliver the final file with the same formatting as the original. This essentially applies to brochures, leaflets, catalogues, posters, newsletters and the like. 


How to translate a .pdf file when the .indd or .idml files are available.

Translating a .pdf file is usually very time-consuming. While it is possible to use optical character recognition software to create editable texts in .doc file format, the final results will never look like the original and this is a huge problem when processing brochures, catalogues or leaflets containing images and design text. This is why you should always send us the original .indd or .idml file, if you have it, instead of a PDF. Using our latest translation technology, we can upload the .indd or .idml file to our CAT tool, translate and edit it, then export and edit it using InDesign. As a final touch, we will conduct an in-context/final review – an important step in multilingual DTP that allows proofreaders to see the text and images in the final format and make any last changes that may be needed.