What is the process for creating multilingual marketing content and storytelling?

Strategic content marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of building and promoting a business. Often, translating this type of content doesn’t get the full message across, which is why you need a multilingual, content strategy and writing company to get you off on the right foot. Customers want to know what you have to say before committing to a purchase, which means we need processes in place to spread your message effectively. 

First of all, we listen to your idea and learn about your target market and business. This provides us with all the details we need to create the ideal content marketing strategy to ensure you achieve your professional goals.

Next, we begin creating content, that is, website copy, social media content, articles for your website and branding content. Here, we take various factors into account, including the register and target market, as well as the company’s personality and image. Everything is tailored to your exact needs!

Lastly, we reinforce your message through the use of different languages. What better way to stand out from the crowd than offering to do business in your customer’s own language? By working with specialist translators and marketing content writers, we take your content on a global journey, capturing the attention of new international customers.


How are blog posts translated?

There are probably people who follow your brand but whose language is different from yours. The translation of blog and social media posts is becoming an important tool for getting your message fully across.

These days, brands have quite a close relationship with their customers and it is important to have an understanding of each and every one of them.

For blog posts, we can guarantee high quality translations through our “Plus” service, which is geared towards specialised translation. This includes a revision of the translation by a second translator and a specialist who is native in the target language, as well as adaptation of the texts for SEO.


And what about social media marketing content?

When it comes to social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, our translations always take your desired target market into account. We work with social media professionals to ensure that our translation will be effective for any type of promotional campaign.

Send us your post and expand your base of international followers.


See our FAQ sections on localisation and transcreation too.