What is Machine Translation?

Machine translation, also known as automatic translation, is a translation process where a computer programme completes the process of translation without any human intervention. The computer system uses algorithms to determine the meaning of the original sentence and then creates a translated sentence in the new language. 


What is machine translation post-editing (MTPE)?

Post-editing is the name given to the process whereby a human translator revises and edits a translation done by machine translation, in order to obtain a satisfactory end product. During this process, the translator will make any necessary corrections and adjustments to ensure your quality expectations are met in full. 


What are the different service levels offered for machine translation post-editing? 

There are price and time considerations attached to each of the three options, and the third option is far more human-reliant than the other two.


What is included in the cost of machine translation post-editing?


What is a translation memory and how does it work?

Translation Memory (TM) software is a database of sentences and their respective translations that can be automatically reused when translating similar or identical content in your translation projects. Translation memories can save a lot of time and money when translating technical content with repetitive text and specific terminology.