How are transcription services charged?

Transcription is charged by minute of audio, which means we can provide you with a no-obligation quote from the offset that doesn’t depend on the subject area, whether it’s a medical, legal, business or academic transcription.


Are my files safe when I send them to you for transcription?

Yes, and our privacy policy makes sure of it as well as the NDAs signed by every linguist we work with. We’re taken steps to ensuring we, and every single linguist we work with, commit to keeping your files completely confidential, which goes for the audio/video files you send us and the text transcripts we send you back. 


Can you transcribe a file that contains multiple speakers speaking?

Yes, most of the transcriptions we do contain more than one speaker, so we make sure we make a note of who is speaking in the transcript to ensure maximum clarity. Whether a call transcription or interview transcription, you’ll always know who’s saying what. 


Do you transcribe any language?

Yes, the beauty of being a translation and transcription company is that we have an entire database of dedicated linguists who specialise in a range of subject areas. This means that we’re more than likely to have the right linguist to meet your transcription service needs.