How do I choose the right voice for my voice over?

Our voice over actors provide us with demo audios you can listen to to get a feel for their voice. That way, you can select the right tone, accent and intonation to suit your voice narrator needs. 


Can you help me write the script for my voice over?

Yes, we can! Far more than a voice-over agency, we’re a multilingual, creative team who loves getting stuck into a whole range of projects. The service you’ll need to help with scriptwriting is our copywriting service, which can help tease out every word to say what you want to say in just the right way. Then, when we’ve perfected the script, it’ll get passed on to the professional voice-over linguist who will get to narrating or dubbing whatever you may need. 


Do you provide voice over services in several languages?

Yes, we do! In fact, more than just providing voiceovers in different languages, we can also translate your audio or video into the new language if you need us to. We offer a complete service from transcribing the original to translating the transcript all the way to recording the new voice over.


How are voice over rates calculated?

Voice over rates are calculated by minute of finished audio but don’t worry, we have ways to work out how long your audio will be if you don’t already know. You’ll be presented with a no-obligation quote to sign off on long before we get working on your project.