Why multilingual copywriting services are the key to creating your marketing content

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We’re currently living in the information age and have been for some time. Know what that means? That information is only ever a couple of clicks away. It’s incredible and empowering but also daunting – especially when it comes to the world of business, as it’s had companies desperately trying to keep up with content creation to draw attention.


Markets have been bombarded with information from every angle, all the tips, tricks and schemes possible having been run to churn any and all content writing out, and to be honest, we’re over it. Long gone are the days when spammy emails held your attention or a poorly designed ad caught your eye, and that means businesses are vying for attention out there, drowning in a never-ending sea of 1s and 0s. 


So how do you stand out?


By forgetting the “need” to “produce strategic content” any which way and focussing what you want to say and how you want to say it for your content marketing strategy.


Consumers have gotten over trying to make sense of things they don’t understand, diving in to research a company they’re not sure about or reading something just because it’s in front of them. If they’re not hooked by your website copy, you lose their attention, and they’ve moved on to the next big thing. So what’s the trick?


What you say has to matter. And you have to grab any attention you can get while you have it. Every. Word. Counts. And each one could make or break the next sale. 


Doing it in several languages – Multilingual marketing copywriting


Now think about how vital every word is, but more importantly, the people reading them. Whether you’re writing a slogan for your branding content, designing an entire SEO and content marketing strategy or updating your website’s copy, don’t you want those words to resonate with whoever’s going to come across them to the greatest extent possible? So what if those words aren’t the same in Portugal and Spain, the UK and Germany, or Italy and Czechia? Are you willing to miss your chance to make your mark because you didn’t choose the right service? Because you stuck to traditional translation when a copywriter, uninfluenced by other materials, could come up with something unique, giving you the perfect words for your new market?


And there’s a technical side of things too


Creating unique, multilingual digital marketing content that is informative yet entertaining, uniform yet ever-surprising, for your website articles, social media content or ecommerce ads is a step towards hooking clients, but there’s also a technical side to website content writing services. One that works behind the scenes to boost your company’s visibility.


Have you ever wondered how Google (or any other search engine for that matter) chooses which results it displays when you search for something? There’s a whole algorithm behind it. One that can be pandered to when you hire a content writing company. It’s called SEO.


How? Well, first, Google loves unique content (and hates repetitive content that sounds unnatural to its robot ears). It also appreciates businesses updating their information, publishing new content regularly. You know what that means? By creating and publishing fresh, unique content consistently, you’re earning yourself points and moving up the rankings through specialised SEO content creation.


Next. Have you ever heard of keywords for SEO web content writing? And if you have, are you using them correctly and naturally? Because if you’re not, you’re missing a trick. 


You’re confident about what you do. Right? Or you wouldn’t be in business. Well, this is what we do. We bring meaning to your services and do it uniquely in each language you want to target.


To watch those all-important points rack up in your favour, get in touch.