Content Marketing Strategy: Where to get started

Content marketing strategy services

Content marketing is a buzzword you may have heard thrown around in recent years, along with UX (user experience), SEO content, user interface, and a whole range of others. Whether these terms sound familiar or like technical jargon that make you want to run a mile, the truth is they’re key to your marketing plan. […]

How Localisation works in practice

Professional Localisation Services

Breakfast. One tiny little word, but what does it mean to you? A slice of toast or cereal? Sausages or pastries? Chicken noodles or a ham roll? A cheese platter or naan bread and butter?   Languages vary from country to country; we’re stating the obvious. But sometimes, translating words between them just isn’t enough […]

How Machine Translation Post-Editing can save you time and money


First, what’s MPTE?    Machine Translation Post-Editing is a fancy way of saying correcting the mistakes automatic/machine translators make. But wait, if we’re just running your text through an automatic translator, why are you paying us for the privilege? Because there’s far more to it, and we’d love to tell you what.   Every year […]

How much does Document Translation Cost?

Translation cost

As with any service you’re seeking to hire, gauging the costs and what you’ll get for your money is essential. Certified translation is no different, and whether you need a single birth certificate or entire case file translated, we ensure we pinpoint exactly what you need to let you know precisely what you’re getting and […]

How much will your Machine Translation Post-Editing project cost?


Machine translation post-editing is a pretty vague service, so we’ll have to narrow it down to give you an idea of prices. Vague? Yes, because when it comes to proofreading, or editing, the output of a machine translation, there are countless ways to go about it and varying qualities of final product. As you can […]

How Multilingual DTP can save you time

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

How Multilingual DTP can save you time   Desktop publishing is an artform – one we often compare to landscaping (though not usually out loud). When you think about the two, they have a huge amount in common. There’s the big picture, the overall look and feel of the place as you wander through, light […]

How remote interpreting can help you in the post-pandemic age

Remote interpreting services

Interpreters are often seen in films and series standing beside business people as they shake on a deal, but there’s so much more to interpreting services than that, and with the technology available to us nowadays, the possibilities have become endless.    So, what types of interpreting services are there, and which best fits your […]

Multilingual SEO Services – how to get international visibility for your business

Multilingual SEO Services

You’ve gone through all the steps – hired a designer, a programmer and a copywriter to write your website and articles, and together they’ve produced the perfect website, one that shares your message and looks good. It ticks all your boxes. Great!      Keyword research   Now comes the next step – translating your […]