Carob World

Services: Translation/Proofreading/DTP 

Field: Packaging/Food/Marketing 

Source language: English, Portuguese 

Target languages: German, French, Spanish, English, Arabic, Korean 

File formats: Word and pdf files

Tools: memoQ 

Number of words translated: About 45,000 words by May 2021

DTP: 83 pages 


Our client, Carob World, which was founded in 2015, develops, produces and markets products made from a local Algarve chocolate substitute: the carob fruit. The company provides gluten-free products as well as those with or without milk and/or cocoa, in addition to carob and almond spreads.

The company implemented an internationalisation plan and requested Inpokulis’ help to translate and proofread product labels and promotional copy used for international marketing: labels, brochures, product launch briefings, etc.


– The main challenge with this project was resisting the urge to eat the Carob Bars and Spreads whilst doing the translations

– To break into new markets, Carob World needed to develop foreign language versions of its product labels and marketing content 

– The client wanted to maintain the creative tone and style of the original content in all translations

– A meticulous revision of the original content was carried out before it could be translated

– Native, professional translators and proofreaders with background knowledge in marketing were selected for the project

– Sector-specific terminology was gathered, and a multiterm glossary built

– The translated brochures were reviewed in PDF format – an important step that allows proofreaders to see the text and images in the final format to make any last changes, if necessary

The localised and culturally appropriate translated content helped Carob world break into international markets and assert its presence. Inpokulis is happy to continue working closely with our client, meeting all the translation and localisation needs faced as they internationalise and expand their market.

What the client said

We would like to thank the Inpokulis team for having been a part of our journey from the very beginning – the first sentence, first story, first package, first brochure. We now operate in various markets worldwide and hope to continue to walk this path together, sharing Carob World’s passion for providing flavourful, authentic experiences with the world. Thank you very much; we know we can always count on you.

Ana Paula Appel – Marketing Manager at Carob World


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