Turismo de Portugal

Services: Translation and Proofreading 

Field: Tourism 

Source language: Portuguese 

Target languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Japanese

Tools: memoQ 

Number of words translated: Approx. 1,200,000 words


Turismo de Portugal, the national Portuguese tourism authority, launched a tender for translation services to translate the VISIT PORTUGAL website (official tourism website for Portugal) from Portuguese into nine different languages.

Inpokulis won the tender with a proposal that included: reference translation works completed for the tourism sector (2,500,000 words translated for more than 35 tourism entities, hotels and City Councils), work procedures and quality control, computer equipment report and control system, all the legal documentation required (financial and social security certificates, company criminal records, APET – Portuguese Association of Translation Companies professional civil liability insurance, etc.) as well as the price quote.

– All necessary resources were provided to ensure the translations produced met the quality standards and deadlines imposed for such a high-profile project, as the text translated was to be used on the official channel for publicising Portugal internationally, one of the main vehicles used to promote our country to foreign markets.

– Steps were taken to ensure the translators selected for the project had the appropriate skillset and knowledge necessary and were native speakers of each target language.

– The tone and style of communications were maintained.

– Extensive planning was carried out due to the high volume of content involved.

– A special team was put together to manage this ongoing, large-scale, complex project, made up of 2 qualified project managers, 18 professional linguists and 1 quality assurance manager. 

– Inpokulis switched to a more efficient translation management system during the project: Plunet, which improved internal project management processes.

– A specialised translation memory was created in our CAT Tool, memoQ, for each of the 9 languages, recording every update and ensuring the consistency of terminology was maintained throughout.

– Once translated and proofread by linguists, the content was continually reviewed by our in-house team before delivery. 

Each stage of this project met quality standards and was delivered on time. Our linguists supplied translations that reproduced the style and tone of the original copy while using creative language and wording appropriate for the tourism sector.

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