Portugal Travel Team

Services: Communication strategy, copywriting, content marketing, keyword research and content optimisation for SEO

Field: Travel & Tourism

Language: English

Number of words (copywriting): About 10,000 words

SEO: We developed the content strategy for a 50-page, SEO-optimised website in English



Our client, Portugal Travel Team , which was founded in 1996, is a well-established, market-leading Portuguese DMC. A proud member of Euromic selected to represent Portugal among 52 of the world’s leading DMCs, its reliable network of connections gives the company the tools necessary to operate throughout the length and breadth of the country. 

Eduarda Neves, PTT’s Managing Director, contacted us towards the end of 2020, as she was developing a new website (which was eventually launched in July’ 21) and needed help putting together a communication strategy. 

We got involved in designing the website’s overall structure, communication objectives, and content for both the website’s static and dynamic pages.

With the importance of delivering clear content that communicated effectively and met strategic goals at the forefront, we reviewed the site, which was already under development, and proposed changes and restructured communications, leveraging strengths, creating new content, setting up a blog, and regularly updating and translating into the languages ​​of the clients PTT works with most.

Once the website had been launched, we discussed the importance of an ongoing communication strategy in line with the new website, which would involve providing continuous email marketing and social network content.

– The initial briefing provided information about DMC (Destination Management Company) operations, Portugal Travel Team’s markets, and their need to communicate effectively with their markets. The client’s main objective with this new website and content was to sell Portugal as a destination, highlighting each region’s most attractive and distinctive features and using this information to set off the range of services provided by the company.

– We then carried out competitor and partner research focusing on market positioning, comparing each one with the positioning and communication goals established for PTT.

– The work was carried out in separate stages:

  1. The main communication strategy was established in a collaboration between both teams (with Descomunal focusing on strategy and Inpokulis on markets and communications);
  2. Descomunal conducted competitor research, designed the website’s page structure and established what should be communicated on each page, followed by a search of strategic keywords for each sector within which the DMC operates, both nationally and internationally;
  3. The briefing was then passed onto Inpokulis, who began writing content for each page, meeting the strategic objectives established for each page/section of the website and ensuring it was SEO optimised by integrating the keywords chosen for each page;
  4. We used several SEO tools to carry out research and establish the most effective keywords, analyse search results and trending keywords, and pinpoint topics relevant to the DMC’s market so as to write blog articles on subjects of interest to their target audience (large companies in the financial, software, pharmacy and banking industries, among others, as well as international partners).
  5. Creating events from scratch based on tailored advice on the most suitable places and activities for any objective and target group (incentives, conferences, special interest tourism, etc.), PTT is, verifiably, an expert at what they do, which needed to come across in the copy. 
  6. In a year in which PTT celebrates their 25th anniversary, the new website, design and communication strategy all work to reinforce the client’s firm market positioning, shining a light on its longstanding operations, firm foundations and ability to overcome any obstacle, especially now as we make our way out of a global pandemic.

The client wanted to hire someone experienced to write their content, who could guarantee tangible results, just like those they provide themselves. Over the course of the project, the relationship established between PTT and Inpokulis/Descomunal grew stronger, the latter having gained the former’s trust over time through open communications maintained to ensure customer satisfaction along the way. Overall, the client was very satisfied.

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