Services: Website Localisation/Translation and Proofreading

Field: Vertical gardens, gardening, lawn care/Marketing

Source language: English, Portuguese

Target languages: German, French, English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish 

File formats: Word and Excel files 

Tools: memoQ 

Number of words translated: 45,000 words 



QuizCamp is a family-run company that employs cutting-edge processes to develop the Minigarden® brand and ensure the Urban Green Revolution reaches every corner of the planet. Combining centuries-old knowledge passed down through generations and state-of-the-art design processes, Minigarden has developed products that encourage green fingers everywhere. Thanks to an easy-to-use, convenient plant irrigation system and nutrition and care solutions, Minigarden systems enable the creation of vertical, corner, horizontal or mixed domestic green spaces. 

As part of its internationalisation strategy, our client decided to localise its website, products and packaging by translating and optimising its Amazon product listings in multiple languages. 


– A dedicated project manager was assigned to the client to ensure that all quality standards and expectations were met

– Native, professional translators and proofreaders with background knowledge in marketing, specialising in e-commerce and Amazon were selected

– memoQ was used to keep the translations consistent: a sentence can be translated any number of ways, and memoQ helps translators ensure that they use the same translation every time, as well as keeping terminology consistent

– Communicating across cultures requires more than just translation, so the client’s content was also adapted to each target audience

– Before the website and e-shop Amazon launch, our team carried out a Quality Assurance check to verify spelling, terminology consistency, formatting and make any final adjustments


By combining our language services and online content localisation technology, we achieved the best results for the client, helping them reach international clientele and therefore expand their business globally.

What the client said

Desde que conhecemos o trabalho da Inpokulis, passaram a ser os nossos fornecedores de eleição para a tradução e revisão de conteúdos da Minigarden. Esperamos que esta relação comercial se mantenha no longo prazo.

António RodriguesMinigarden CEO

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