Services: Translation and Proofreading (ISO 17100 certified) 

Field: Legal/Finance/Investments

Source language: Portuguese, English

Target languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese

Tools: memoQ 

Number of words translated: Approx. 1,000,000 words translated 


NEWCO is a professional services company that acts as an inward investment services provider specialised in foreign investments in Malta and Portugal, including Madeira. With 30 years of experience and know-how, the company helps its clients maximise opportunities and minimise the risks of operating in a new country, allowing them to stay focused on their business. 

Inpokulis was contacted by NEWCO back in 2014 with a view to hiring our translation services. They required website localisation services as well as translation and proofreading services for blog articles, company brochures & guides, and a range of legal and financial documents.

– Legal and finance terminology varies around the world, so when operating in an international context, every word is crucial. As such, Inpokulis leaves no room for inaccuracies, misleading wording or mistakes. 

– A group of carefully selected linguists operates as a team to ensure accuracy, proficiency and coherence, especially for texts geared towards the Legal/Finance/Investments market.

– Each translation is revised by a second professional, as per ISO 17100 standards, ensuring the use of sector-specific style and terminology in every text.

– A CAT tool (memoQ) is used to ensure the quality and consistency of translations.

– A dedicated project manager has been assigned to the client to ensure that all quality standards and expectations are met, running Automatic linguistic Quality Assurance before each final delivery.


Thanks to the quality standards and consistency of the work provided by our teams of linguists and project managers, we have been NEWCO’s go-to translation partner for over seven years. Continuing to work closely with NEWCO, we’re proud to meet all their translation and localisation needs.

What the client said

We have worked with Inpokulis for several years, during which they have provided translations of our legal texts into different languages. In addition to the quality of the translations, we particularly prize the thoroughness of and attention to detail in each job, as well as how they manage their client relations. We see Inpokulis as a true partner, a business that has grown with us over time.

Cláudia Vasconcelos – Head of Business Development

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