Expert Legal – Dr. Artur Rêgo

Services: Translation and proofreading (as per ISO 17100) and document certification 

Field: Legal 

Client: Dr Artur Rêgo law firm

Source language: English, Italian, German, Portuguese

Target languages: Portuguese, German

Number of words translated: Approx. 500,000 words up until June 2021

– Inpokulis has been working with lawyer Dr Artur Rêgo’s office for the last 20 years, translating all manner of legal and financial/corporate documents: birth, marriage and death certificates, wills and testaments, contracts, tax returns, powers of attorney, corporate certificates, etc.

– Legal translations permit no margin for error. Inpokulis therefore does everything in its power to ensure that translations remain faithful to source texts, observing their integrity as well as ensuring that the legal language used was correct and accurate on all levels.

– Maintaining strict confidentiality is also crucial, which is why all linguists are required to sign non-disclosure agreements. In addition, Inpokulis employs the cybersecurity technologies necessary to ensure that all content is securely stored.

– The majority of this client’s requests are scanned documents in non-editable formats (.pdf files). Our in-house DTP specialist uses optical character recognition software to create editable texts in .doc files. This allows us to consistently provide the client with translations formatted so that they look like the originals. 

– Our translation process meets ISO 17100:2015 requirements, therefore ensuring the quality of the translations delivered. This includes translations being proofread by a second professional (who is also highly qualified in law and has over 10 years’ experience). 

– Our in-house project managers are always tasked with approving translations, ensuring the accuracy and quality of each job before it is certified. 

– Official documents can be certified in the following ways if required:

  • ISO 17100:2015 Quality Certification with a statement issued by Inpokulis on headed paper
  • Notarial certification 


Thanks to the expertise and hard work put in by the entire team at Inpokulis, we are always able to meet deadlines while ensuring the high quality of all work delivered. An excellent relationship has also been built with the client over time, allowing for an ongoing partnership to be maintained.

What the client said

Inpokulis has three rare qualities: professionalism, diligence and friendliness. I have been working with the company for about 20 years now and have found that these three traits have remained consistent. With a 20-year partnership under their belts in the challenging area that is technical translations, Inpokulis can be assured of our complete client satisfaction with a partnership that I hope will last for many more years. A big thank you to Inpokulis and all its team.

Dr Artur Rêgo – Lawyer

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